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Enjoy the Douro Valley

In the Douro Valley you can explore one of the most fantastic landscapes spectacularly transformed by Man. This region is classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO and it’s easily called as the ‘enchanted valley’.
Get to know the main places to visit, to enjoy experiences, typical local dishes as well as other attractions in the surrounding area, which we selected especially for you!

Typical July:
25º C
77º F
Typical January:
46º F

What to see

The Douro region is rich in places worthy of your visit: from mountain landscapes and plateau, churches and monumental castles to the famous cellars and estates where the Port’s wine is produced.

Village of Pinhão

Here you can visit the very well-known railway station by their 24 tile panels that depict the landscapes of the Douro Region.


You will find several vineyards planted in the mountains and wineries, which you can visit and enjoy wine tasting.


Testimonies of wandering peoples and its different cultures.

Medieval heritage

You'll find castles that recall the strategic importance of South Douro region.

What to do

In the Douro region, you’ll have unforgettable experiences related to the its unique landscape, the production of wine, local cuisine and the practice of open-air sports.

Attend the harvest

In the month of September. This is a strong tradition of the region and a task full of willingness and joy.

Train Travel

By one of the historic trains, along the banks of the Douro river.


Enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the Douro, you can follow a few of the tracks already tested or walk in strange roads.

An experience in spa

Where you can take care of your body in the unique spas of the region, whose therapeutic effects are well recognized.

Water sports

The Douro River conditions are ideal for sports such as canoeing, rafting, rowing, sailing or even fishing.

Horseback riding

You can enjoy riding lessons or sightseeing riding through the surrounding areas!


Practice golf in the area’s excellent courses, enjoying the mild and sunny climate.

What to taste

The cuisine of the Douro Wine Region region is undoubtedly one of its most important treasures! Here the restaurants are plentiful and most serve Portuguese cuisine. Many of them use products produced in the region.

Regional bread

Prepared with olive oil. Could be accompained with regional honey or homemade jam.

Homemade sausages

You can find a huge variety of sausages: hams, sausages, Palos, etc.


Baked in ancient wood oven, served with rice and potatoes.


Accompanied with mushrooms.

Places to visit near Douro

Douro is just one of many places worth visiting in Portugal:

Get to Know the Douro Region

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