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About us

Specialist in private tailored tours in Portugal and Spain for small groups, Portugal Premium Tours is based on quality, honesty, and professionalism.

Our goal is to have 100% client satisfaction, so we adapt each tour according to your specific interests and needs! We have a team of specialized guides, with deep knowledge of Portugal’s history and culture, who will show you our country at its best!

Our vehicles with a high level of quality and comfort provide you a safe and comfortable tour.
With us, your visit to Portugal will be an unforgettable experience!


How everything started

Portugal Premium Tours is the evolution of a small private tours company, ActionTur. ActionTur started in 2008 and has always stood for 100% client satisfaction. With the achievement of the initial goals of ActionTur and aware of Portugal’s potential as an excellent tourist destination, the concept evolved into Portugal Premium Tours in 2012. As part of this development, we have reorganized, extended and diversified our private tours portfolio and concept.


Providing positive and unforgettable experiences

Focused on personalized service, forging friendships, our priority is to provide a feeling of comfort and tranquility, before, during and after each tour around Portugal. In all of our services, we strive for honesty, integrity, and fairness.

Provide a tailor-made experience

Have an
exclusive service

Exceed our
clients expectations

Meet the team

José Pais
José Pais
Business Manager – Partner – [email protected]

José was born in Lisbon and is an unconditional fan of outdoor sports, adventure and travel. He loves the Portuguese mountains, landscapes and culture, and has a special affection for the Douro wine region and for the Oporto and Lisbon areas. As a result of his international experience, in the American multinational company, PepsiCo, and his passion for Portugal, since 2012, he is full-time dedicated to the tourism business through Portugal Premium Tours, where his philosophy is to exceed clients’ expectations, turning each one of them into lovers of Portugal.

Marisa Santos
Marisa Santos
Marketing & Sales – Partner - [email protected]

Specialist in marketing and human relations. Marisa loves to communicate, breathes creativity and seeks always to overcome every challenge! She is passionate about the sandy beaches of Portugal, especially by the beauty of the Western coast. The end on an afternoon looking at a wonderful sunset is, to her, one of the best experiences you can live in Portugal. She embraced this new experience at Portugal Premium Tours, since 2013, which makes her happy for sharing stories and curiosities about the highlights of Portugal.

Liliana Lima
Liliana Lima
Travel Consultant - [email protected]

Born in Viseu, a town situated between the land of the best pastel, Vouzela, and the site of the best spas in the country, São Pedro do Sul. Despite being from the countryside, she’s keen on exploring urban settings and discovering new places.

Liliana values culture highly and takes pride in her knowledge of cinematic and musical culture. With a degree in Tourism, she’s eager to gain insights into different cultures, cuisines, and understand tourism as a means of promoting diverse perspectives and changing norms.

Having worked in tourism consulting, Liliana has now joined Premium Tours to help develop the best experiences by utilizing her knowledge and passion for the activity.

Gabriela Vides
Gabriela Vides
Travel Consultant & Social Media Marketing - [email protected]

Born in Guimarães, the “cradle of the nation”, Gabriela is a true “vimaranense”, solidary, and a warrior, with a special passion for medieval times, especially fairs for staging and recreating historical events.
After graduating in International Relations, she decided to go into Tourism Management. From here she decided to venture out and do an internship in the center of Europe to get to know new cultures and have new experiences, where she developed a great enthusiasm for making Portugal known to international colleagues.
She now joins Premium Tours to develop herself in the area of inbound tourism and to develop the attractiveness of Portugal.

Manuel Pais
Manuel Pais
Nature Tourism - Travel Consultant - [email protected]

Born in Portugal, in Lisbon’s countryside, Manuel is a huge lover of outdoor activities. Ever since he was a little boy, he has walked up and down hills and valleys, getting to know and enjoying the best thing that Portugal has Nature.
After studying Tourism Management, he did his internship at a Nature Tourism Portuguese Company. Now he decided to join Portugal Premium Tours and is primarily responsible for the company’s decarbonization process.
He is very happy to use his passion to help clients plan their trips with more active tourism and find sustainable tourism solutions!

Carlos Godinho
Carlos Godinho
Premium Tours Guide – [email protected]

Born in Lisbon, Carlos loves the Portugal’s magnificent landscapes and its rich history. He practices recreational fishing in his spare time, and this activity allowed him to meet various places of great beauty on the Portuguese coast. With many years of commercial direction experience in a multinational context, he decided to embrace this new project in the tourism area. For him, it is very exciting to be able to discover the charms of Portugal, such as its legends, history, people and the exponents of its culture like the typical gastronomy and the Fado.

Filipa Rodrigues
Filipa Rodrigues
Premium Tours Guide – [email protected]

Filipa usually says that she lives here and there… She was born in Caldas da Rainha but her education and career in tourism have led her to live in several places of Portugal, where she has always tried her best to get to know all the places and the their people. She loves her country and is very happy to present it to others through legends and mystical stories. Her path as a part of the National Corps of Scouts transform each day with Filipa in an adventure, embracing all that the country and nature have to offer to its visitors. She feels enriched by sharing experiences and information with clients.

Carlos Cordeiro
Carlos Cordeiro
Premium Tours Guide – [email protected]

Born in the surroudings of Lisbon, Carlos is a Man of the West, a region which he feels a great passion for. The search for knowledge and sharing his experiences with those who visit us is undoubtedly what motivates him since he started working at Portugal Premium Tours. After a few years dedicated to music business, in the fields of Communication and Audiovisuals, his interest for History and Culture of our country made him search for different line of work! As a professional musician he traveled Portugal from north to south allowing him deep knowledge of his country. He feels a great pride and admiration of the traditions, gastronomy and culture of Portugal. The daily challenge of sharing Portugal with his clients enriches him as a human being as well as professionally.

Pedro Rodrigues
Pedro Rodrigues
Premium Tours Guide – [email protected]

Pedro is a proud Northerner with experience and training in the area of tourism. He feels he was born for this work. For him, showing the country to those who visit us is a pleasure and not a job. It makes the knowledge, sympathy and ease in meeting the desires of our clients his main weapons. He is passionate about the history of Portugal and its people, its traditions, its beaches and the historic towns and cities. It is a great appreciator of a good Portuguese wine and its respective gastronomy. He embraced the project of Private Premium Tours with the intention of continuing to raise the name of Portugal to the highest level.

Diogo Costa
Diogo Costa
Premium Tours Guide – [email protected]

Diogo is a fun, true person who loves to talk, to travel and to share experiences. As a guide he tells the history of Portugal through the images: the monuments, the statues and the stones that he finds. As he says “all stones have a history to tell”. Diogo lives in love with the human being. He likes to live and receive people from all over the world in Portugal and to share his “home”. He likes to talk about Cascais, where he grew up, and about Sintra, where he studied. In his training in Photography and Television and Multicamera Realization, he had the privilege of traveling with Professor José Hermano Saraiva, an important Portuguese historian, where he learned about the History of Portugal. After these years of travel, Diogo is now sharing his stories and his love for Portugal.

Bernardo Garcia
Bernardo Garcia
Premium Tours Guide – [email protected]

Born in Lisbon, but living in Sintra since childhood, Bernardo is passionate about History since a young age. His passion for the Contemporary history, led him to follow this same strand in its academic studies, having been graduated in the year 2017 from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. He is in love with Portugal, for its beauty, traditions, gastronomy and culture. Loves to travel, something which for him is, in addition to touring, a constant learning exercise.
Working in tourism allows him to do what he loves the most that is, speaking other languages ​​and meeting other people. He entered Portugal Premium Tours with the intention of being able to show the country’s historical and cultural heritage, as well as places of deep contact with nature to those who visit us.

Herlander Lima
Herlander Lima
Premium Tours Guide – [email protected]

Born in Oeiras, Herlander decided at the age of 15 to have a career in tourism. After attending a specialized course in restaurant/bar service, he embraced the activity of national tour guide. With more than 20 years of experience, Herlander is now an expert in the field of sightseeing and nature tours. He likes to talk about everything and describes himself as a car enthusiast – particularly when it comes to his beloved UMM (Made in Portugal, of course).
An optimist by nature, he is proud of the conquers, culture, and Portuguese gastronomy. He also truly believes that the Portuguese are good at everything they put their minds to. Herlander joined Portugal Premium Tours team in 2018 to keep doing what he likes the most, starting all tours with his usual catchphrase: “Hello, I’m Herlander and I’ll be your guide today”.

Francisca Martins
Francisca Martins
Premium Tours Guide – [email protected]

Tripeira de gema, as they say in Oporto, city where she was born, Francisca is a woman of the north. She loves to travel and get to know other cultures, with special sensitivity for analyzing the territory and space around, given her education in Architecture. Passionate about the people and their welcoming nature across the land, as well as the typical cuisine of her country, she likes to make Portugal known to those who visit it from the beaches of the coast to the endless vineyards from north to south of the interior of the country. From Roman period classicism to world-renowned contemporary architecture, no detail is left to chance in this discovery of a landscaped seaside garden.

The Kitty
The Kitty
Head Office Stress & Well-being Manager

Our cat is the element that assures the breaks and activities required to manage our team stress levels and well-being.


Let the world know Portugal

Our vision is to become a leader in Portuguese tourist tours in order to develop Portugal’s desirability as a destination. It is our goal to reach this through sustainable growth of our client portfolio, from whom we always strive to be extremely well-recommended, not only for our world-class quality service (premium) but also for knowing how to make each one of our clients feel welcome. At Premium Tours we will help you make the most of your time in Portugal, ensuring you bring unforgettable memories back home from this highly positive experience.

As a socially responsible company, we also support and contribute to the efficiency of Non-Governmental Organizations which act to support those in need, increasing and reinforcing the partnership between society and these NGOs.

Premium Tours Guarantee

We assure you that when you travel with us all you need to do is sit back and relax while we take care of the rest!

Safety and comfort

  • Comfortable high-end vehicles
  • Child seats for under-13s
  • Tours adapted to any specific mobility need

Deep knowledge about Portugal’s highlights

  • Specialist guides, with profound knowledge of the sites and regions, visited
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish

Great partners’ network

  • ‘Turismo de Portugal’ certified partners
  • Insured against public liability, road risks and personal accidents (‘Liberty Seguros’)
  • Members and partners of TripAdvisor (world travel reference website)
  • PayPal partners (easy and safe payment system)
  • Accommodation and meals in the best hotels and restaurants in the country

Social responsibility

  • We are a socially responsible company: 1.2% of our profits will be delivered to a Portuguese NGO for those in need.

Our vehicles

Our vehicles with high level of quality and comfort provide you a safe and comfortable private tour or transfer.

Air suspension system

Air suspension

Ensures you an amazing comfort on tours of short and long distance

Independent air-conditioning


Guarantees indoor temperatures tailored to the needs of each one

Fresh bottled water<br> and Wi-Fi

Fresh bottled water
and Wi-Fi

Guarantee fresh bottled water and wi-fi on board so you can always be connected

Up to 7 passengers

Up to
7 passengers

Vehicles with room up to 7 passengers with practical storage solutions