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Find out answers to our frequently asked questions.
If our FAQs didn’t help you, please contact us, we’ll be happy to help you.

About our tours

  • Is accommodation included on the price?

    The accommodation is not included on the price. However, we can always advice about our accommodation options. We have a list of hotels based in local 3*, 4* and 5* Bed & Breakfasts and Boutique hotels throughout Portugal. We will provide you with suggestions so you can choose what best suits your budget.

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  • What’s included in a Premium Tours tour?

    For each tour there is a detailed description of what is, or isn’t, included on our site www.premiumtours.pt. Obviously we can adapt each tour to your specific preferences and needs. According to our values we want to guarantee clarity about what is included in each tour. One of our primary objectives is to give the maximum possible satisfaction in a completely carefree environment.

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  • Will the guide/driver be with us during all the visits to the inside of the monuments/museums?

    We like to be clear and that’s why we explain that our guides are also the drivers. Your guide/driver will share relevant knowledge and information during all of the time he’s driving you during your tour. However, sometimes, it isn’t possible for the guide to be with you during your visit inside of the monuments/museums. This happens for one important factor:

    – Parking the vehicle close to the places you’ll visit is sometimes very difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we opt for dropping you off as close to the monument as possible, sharing relevant information and focusing on the main points of interest while still inside the vehicle. The guide will also help you regarding the purchase of entrance fees so that you won’t have to wait in line. While our clients explore everything at their own pace, the guide will wait on the vehicle as close as possible. This way we believe you’ll save precious time of your travel, sparing you from losing time with logistic problems like parking the vehicle. That way we’ll save your time and greatly increase your comfort, something particularly relevant during very hot or rainy days.

    Given its flexibility, appealing value for money and a large number of places visited during one day, a guide/driver tour model is the selected one by the vast majority of our clients and we have a close to 100% client satisfaction as you can check on our TripAdvisor page.

    Of course that we offer personalized and tailor-made services. In case you want to be accompanied in 100% of your time in the monuments and museums, without the wait for parking or other logistic needs, we can give you the option of being accompanied by 2 members of our team. In that case, there will be a driver and a guide that will be at your service to go along with you during all your visits.

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  • Can we have visits with local guides?

    In some monuments our clients can enjoy, for an appealing price, the services of specialized local guides that will take you to discover monuments of great historic and cultural richness like, for example, the Convent of Christ and Knight Templars Castle in Tomar or the Joanine Library in Coimbra. The main advantage of this guided tours is that local specialized guides can share very detailed information about each place.

    The use of audio-guides is also a great complement given the detailed info it conveys (there are increasingly more places that offer this service).

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  • Do your private tours include meals?

    Yes. When stated, our tours include meals in carefully chosen traditional restaurants where you can be sure of excellent quality.

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  • Does the price of the Premium Tours tour include insurance?

    Yes. We are fully insured by Liberty Mutual Insurance covering:
    – public liability
    – road risks
    – personal accidents

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  • What's the advantage of choosing a private tour with Premium Tours?

    Our tours are thought out and designed to help you experience Portugal at its best: culture, cuisine, sites and landscapes. We are constantly striving to improve our programs and experiences with the help of our local partners to ensure you have an unforgettable time during your stay in Portugal. Travelling with our knowledgeable trained guides, in the convenience, luxury and safety of our modern fleet, you will discover a Portugal made up of places, people and traditions not often seen by the casual tourist.

    Currently, since we’re dealing with a global health problem, taking a private tour will be one of the best options for traveling safely. Private experiences are always exclusive and carried out to avoid the crowds so, in our tours all contacts will be only with the people you choose to share the trip: your friends or family. In addition, Portugal Premium Tours guarantees that it will only collaborate with suppliers that also respect all hygiene measures.

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  • What's the difference between a private tailor-made tour and a normal coach trip?

    There are two main differences. Firstly, our private tours are carefully adapted to your preferences and requirements. Our guide’s attention is focused on you, and as well as itinerary, schedule and accommodation (on overnight tours), they can make any other changes according to your specific interest or needs. Secondly, our modern mid-sized people carriers, as well as being fully equipped to ensure your comfort and safety, also allow us to explore places that larger organized tours do not always reach, with your guide right next to you.

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  • Could you prepare me a tailor-made tour according my preferences of itinerary, activities and accommodation?

    Yes. We can organize the exact tour/experience you require, using our special knowledge of Portugal and Spain and our wide network of contacts. All you have to do is let us know what you want and we will surely exceed your expectations.

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  • I would like to book a tour but we have 10 people in our group. You only list prices for tours with a maximum of 7. Is it possible?

    Yes, of course. The maximum of 7 is mentioned because it is the maximum capacity of our vehicles. In cases like these, and in order to ensure maximum comfort & attention, we will use 2 vans. Please send us an email with your needs and we’ll send our prices immediately.

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  • Who are the Premium Tours guides?

    Our tours are escorted by experienced expert guides, all of whom work with us full time. With excellent English, permission to skip lines and expertise that came from real-life experience and on-the-ground knowledge, they are the key to accessing hidden gems and experiencing the true authenticity of our culture. All our guides are non-smoking.

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  • What’s the minimum age to go on a Premium Tours tour?

    There is no minimum age limit. For under-13s, we ask that you let us know when you reserve, so that we can provide the necessary safety equipment according to local law and to ensure maximum safety.

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  • Is Premium Tours a reputable and legally registered and recognized company?

    Yes. We are licensed travel and tourism agents and certified by the Portuguese Tourism Agency as Travel Agency under the number 3620. This accreditation can be checked any time at ‘Turismo de Portugal’ or through its agencies around the world. Of course, the best independent proof of our quality is feedback from our clients on our site (www.premiumtours.pt) and on the Trip Advisor page.

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  • What should I wear?

    This depends on the climate of your home country. If you come from a colder country you will probably need less warm clothing. On the other hand those from warmer countries may find they need more layers. In Portugal there is some difference in temperature between Lisbon and Oporto, where it is usually colder. South of Lisbon (Alentejo and Algarve) temperatures are usually even higher. More generally we advise that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring some protection against rain. If you visit between November and March be prepared for lower temperatures (minimums 8-11ºC). Don’t forget that Portugal has 850 kms of coastline so bring your bathing costume. See below for average temperatures and rainfall in Lisbon and Oporto (North).

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Reservations & payments

  • How can I contact Premium Tours?

    By email: [email protected]

    By phone: (+351) 936 000 616 or US Toll-free (+1) 800 327 0936

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  • How much time before do I need to make my booking?

    We don’t have a specific deadline, and in some instances we can arrange a tour with 2 or 3 days notice or even less. But ideally booking should be made up to 2 weeks before the tour is required in order to ensure availability and that the guide and equipment are completely prepared to give you the very best.

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  • How do I make a booking?

    – On our Website: www.premiumtours.pt/en directly on the tour page click on “Book This Tour”
    – By e-mail to [email protected]

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  • How do I pay?

    Booking fee: 20% of the full amount due when booking*
    This payment can be done:

    1. With your credit through Stripe or PayPal (you don’t need to have an account). We’ll send you a link and in a very easy way you can pay using your visa;

    2. Doing a bank transfer.

    Outstanding Payment: due until 1st day of the tour.
    This payment can be done:

    1. Directly to our guide/driver in cash or credit card (terminal at the vehicle):

    2. With your credit through Stripe or PayPal (you don’t need to have an account). We’ll send you a link and in a very easy way you can pay using your visa;

    3. Doing a bank transfer.

    *Regarding lodging and depending on the venue in some cases and when booking non-refundable rooms we ask payment of the full amount

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Health and Cleaning

  • What are the hygiene and sanitization measures taken by Premium Tours?

    We take the measures indicated by our Directorate-General for Health very seriously. We’re certified by the Official Tourism entity ‘Turismo de Portugal’ with the hygiene-certification stamp to identify ‘Clean & Safe’. The stamp signifies that Portugal Premium Tours have complied with training, hygiene, and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of Covid-19.
    We’re also certified by the World Travel & Tourism Council with the ‘Safe Travels’ stamp. Which means we operate in accordance with the protocols defined by World Tourism entities.

    Saying this you can except the following measures:

    – Our vehicles are properly disinfected several times a day;

    – Our guide/driver is protected with an individual mask and hand sanitizer;

    – We provide individual masks and hand sanitizer to all our clients;

    – You do not need to have any contact with money, the payments can be done through certified and secure online platforms.

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  • How does the health system in Portugal work for tourists?

    Emergency medical care is provided to anyone requiring urgent attention. The quality of care in Portuguese hospitals is good according to international standards, and Portugal was rated 12th in the world, as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO), in terms of healthcare quality.
    If you need healthcare in Portugal, you can call the SNS (Portuguese National Health Service) information hotline: 808242424, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service is available in English and is free of charge. You can also visit your nearest health center for medical assistance
    For emergency you can phone the European Emergency Number: 112 or can go to the emergency room at the nearest hospital.

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  • What do I need to know about Coronavirus in Portugal?

    Portugal and the Portuguese people are doing a tremendous job in containing the Covid-19 Pandemic.
    Portugal raised the level of alert to calamity situation from October 15th, to aim the prevention, contention, and mitigation of Covid-19 transmission. On November 9th was also declared an emergency state by the Government. This strategy is reevaluated every 15 days.

    Even so, we believe that the future will be bright. Fortunately already exists vaccines and from the beginning of 2021, a massive plan of vaccination will be carried out, which leaves us confident that in early 2021 we can slowly back to our normal lives!

    All of us, after this long confinement, deserve something good! So, we propose you to start now planning your Spring 2021 vacations! Because: What is better than travel and discover a new Country?

    Our dedicated travel experts will be here focused on keeping the very finest levels of hospitality, so typical of Portuguese people!

    For more information about the measure and restrictions in Portugal you should check our Visit Portugal Official information: https://www.visitportugal.com/en/node/421175.

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  • Is it safe to travel to Portugal right now?

    Overall, Portugal is a very safe country. Portugal has been doing a great job managing the COVID-19 pandemic so far. It was one of the first European countries to contain the pandemic more quickly and is returning to normal with safety and hygiene measures for all economic sectors.
    The Portuguese people have collaborated very well and respects all the hygiene and sanitization measures according to the indications of the Directorate-General for Health.
    Also, rates of violence and terrorism are lower than in almost any other European country.

    That makes Portugal a place to live in and visit.

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Cancellation policy

  • What if I need to cancel?

    Cancellations are subject to the following penalties of the full trip price:

    – Up to 30 days prior to the arrival no penalties applied. The exceptions are entrance tickets, third party activities, hotel Bookings, and transaction fees. This will be evaluated one by one depending on each provider policy;

    – 30 Days to 15 Days prior to arrival: 20% of Penalty;

    – Less than 15 days prior to arrival: 100% of Penalty. However, Premium Tours reserves the right to evaluate the possibility of making a partial refund.

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  • Where can I see what other customers say about their experience with Premium Tours Portugal?

    Our clients evaluate us as excellent/very good on tripadvisor. There you can read all the reviews of our clients!

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  • I loved our tour! How can I give you feedback?

    You can write a review on Tripadvisor, leave a comment on our social media like facebook and instagram or send us an email to [email protected]. Your review will be very important for those who want to understand the kind of service we provide.

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