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Terms and Conditions

Get to know more about our terms and conditions

General Policies

  1. Premium Tours is a licensed travel and tourism agents and it’s certified by the Portuguese Tourism Agency as Travel Agency under the number 3620. This accreditation can be checked any time at ‘Turismo de Portugal’ or through its agencies around the world. Of course, the best independent proof of our quality is feedback from our clients on our site ( and on the Trip Advisor page.
  2. Premium Tours are fully insured by Liberty Mutual Insurance covering:
    1. public liability
    2. road risks
    3. personal accidents
  3. For each tour there is a detailed description of what is, or isn’t, included on our site Obviously we can adapt each tour to your specific preferences and needs. According to our values we want to guarantee clarity about what is included in each tour. One of our primary objectives is to give the maximum possible satisfaction in a completely carefree environment.
  4. Visits with specialized local guides should be requested when booking the tour.
  5. Unless mentioned, our tours do not include client’s meals.
  6. The listed price of the tours is total per group, according to the number of participants.
  7. Premium Tour’s guide is also the driver. This guide/driver will share relevant knowledge and information during all of the time he’s driving you during your tour. However, many times, it isn’t possible for the guide to be with you on your visit to the inside of the monuments/museums. This happens for two important factors:
    1. Parking the vehicle close to the places you’ll visit is sometimes very difficult and time consuming. That’s why we opt for dropping you off as close to the monument as possible, sharing relevant information and focusing on the main points of interest while still inside the vehicle. The guide will also help you regarding the purchase of entrance fees so that you won’t have to wait in line. While our clients explore everything at their own pace, the guide will wait on the vehicle as close as possible. This way we believe you’ll save precious time of your travel, sparing you from losing time with logistic problems like parking the vehicle. That way we’ll save your time and greatly increase your comfort, something particularly relevant during very hot or rainy days.
    2. Although Portugal is an incredibly safe country, when we also carry our client’s luggage, we avoid leaving the vehicle parked with the client’s belongings inside without the presence of the guide/driver.

    Given its flexibility, appealing value for money and the large number of places visited during one day, this tour model of a guide/driver is the selected one by the vast majority of our clients and we have a close to 100% client satisfaction as you can check on our TripAdvisor page.
    Of course that we offer personalized and tailor-made services. In case you want to be accompanied in 100% of your time in the monuments and museums, we can give you the option of being accompanied by 2 members of our team. In that case there will be a driver and a guide that will be at your service to go along with you during all your visits.

  8. There is no minimum age limit. For under-13s, we ask that you let us know when you reserve, so that we can provide the necessary safety equipment according to local law and to ensure maximum safety.

Policies Reservations & Payments

  1. All reservations will be made through the email or on our website, through the online booking form.
  2. The reservation is only valid when confirmed through the email by Portugal Premium Tours.
  3. Portugal Premium Tours has the right to cancel tours up to 48 hours after the reservation of the same, committing itself to the total restitution of amounts already paid.
  4. Premium Tours will not charge cancellations if they happen until one week before the scheduled time for the service to start. In case the cancelation is done between one week and 48 hours to the scheduled time for the service to start 20% of the total service price will be charged. If the cancelation happens in less than 48 hours to the scheduled time for the service to start we will charge 80% of the service.