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Come feel Santiago de Compostela

Galicia’s capital is a very special place. Santiago de Compostela is visited by millions of people, many of them coming from the ‘Camiño de Santiago’. A hub of the catholic faith, it was considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Come know and feel this unique city! Check our suggestions on what to visit, do and eat in Santiago:

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What to see

With a very rich past, Santiago de Compostela has several places of interest. Get to know which ones:

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

The pilgrim’s final goal, it leads its visitors to Saint James the Great tomb. It’s the city’s birthing place and Spain’s most important Romanesque building.

Cathedral Museum

This Museum holds the Cathedral’s important objects such as excavation objects, relics, treasuries and tombs.

‘Hostal dos Reis Católicos’

This building was commissioned by the Catholic Monarchs in 1501 with the purpose of taking care of pilgrims.

Monastery and Church of San Martiño Pinario

A former monastery founded by Benedictines soon after the Apostle’s remains were found, it now serves as a Seminary, a Museum and others.

‘Cidade da Cultura de Galicia’

A grand cultural facility initiated in 1999 meant to make Santiago a reference point in the international cultural circuit.

House of the Dean

This building built in the 18th century used to house bishops coming to visit Santiago. Nowadays it serves as the Pilgrims’ Office.

What to do

Visiting Santiago de Compostela will always be fantastic, especially if you try our suggestions on what to do in this city:

See the ‘Botafumeiro’

Ever since at least the 12th century this enormous censer fills the Cathedral with smoke in an impressive movement coordinated by 8 men.

Wander the Cathedral rooftops

Experience the Cathedral in a very special way by visiting its rooftops and getting a unique perspective of this monument.

Get to know the ‘Camiño de Santiago’

Visit some parts of the St. James’s way by car and learn more about this pilgrimage that has attracted millions throughout History.

Visit the Parks

Santiago has beautiful Parks that offer a fantastic view. The main two are Alameda and San Domingo de Bonaval.

Go to ‘Mercado de Abastos’

The ‘Food market’ is the main market to buy fresh food and it has been functioning for the past 3 centuries.

Hop on the tourist train

A comfortable way to know Santiago de Compostela and have a panoramic view of the city.

What to taste

Besides its cultural and religious offer, Santiago has an enviable gastronomy. See our suggestions:

Galician-style octopus

An emblematic and typical octopus dish in this region.


The traditional pie that combines dough stuffed with meat, fish, ‘chorizo’ or other ingredients.

‘Tarta de Santiago’

An almond, sugar, eggs and lemon based typical Galician pastry linked to Santiago.

Galician wine

Galician wines are great quality and the best drink to enjoy with any of the local dishes.

Places to visit near Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela isn’t far from other interesting places. Make sure you visit other amazing places!

Get to know Santiago de Compostela

Visit Santiago de Compostela with us

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