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Enjoy Gerês

Gerês is Portugal’s only National Park. It’s a breathtaking beautiful place where Nature and tradition combine into an unforgettable landscape. Here you’ll be surprised by the local animals and you’ll find garrano horses, goats, cows and others. It’s normal if you have to stop your journey to let the animals go their way!
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Typical July:
23º C
73º F
Typical January:
13º C
55º F

What to see

There are several places in Gerês that you should visit. Get to know some of them:

Pedra Bela Sightseeing Point

From here you can get a wide view of the magnificent Gerês Valley and Caniçada Dam landscape.


In Gerês you can find wonderful waterfalls in several places.

Peneda Sanctuary

Nestled between the mountains and the forest, this sanctuary is admired for its beauty and mysticism.

‘São Bento da Porta Aberta’

This shrine goes back to the 17th century and it’s a place of great devotion, welcoming many pilgrims and believers.


A village in the Park admired for its 13th century castle.


An isolated village whose main attraction is the ‘espigueiros’, an interesting construction where the corn was kept.

What to do

There are plenty activities to do while in Gerês. See what you can do here:

Have a picnic

Gerês’ natural landscape is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious picnic.

Dive in the waterfalls

During the warmer months you can refresh yourself in the many waterfalls in Gerês.

Discover the animals

In Gerês you can find admirable species that live freely and you can stumble upon the garrano horse, goats and cows while exploring the area.

Do sports

Adventure sports are very popular in Gerês. You can go on horseback rides, canoeing, hiking and others.

Go to Geira Road

A Roman Road. One of the most important in the Iberian Peninsula that linked the current cities of Braga and Astorga.

Check Vilarinho das Furnas

During drought periods or during the dam cleaning you can see the ruins of this village submerse in 1971.

What to taste

Make sure to try the delicious food in Gerês. Check what you should taste:

Kid Castro Laboreiro Style

A kid dish cooked in the Castro Laboreiro style, a very famous and important place in Gerês.

‘Broa milha’

This corn bread is typical and very popular in this region.

‘Bucho Doce’

A dessert prepared during festive occasions that uses tripe to cook the dish.

'Rebuçados dos Arcos'

A traditional candy from Arcos de Valdevez whose recipe was passed from generation to generation.

Places to visit near Gerês

Gerês is one of several unbelievably beautiful places in the Northern Portugal. Discover other places you should visit in this region:

Get to know Gerês

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