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Enjoy Coimbra

City of the students and a World Heritage Site, Coimbra is a unique city and has great historical heritage.
Here were born six kings of Portugal and the first university in the country, one of the oldest in Europe. When visiting the city you can found monuments and historical treasures, the vibrant Mondego river and the Fado sung by the singers of the region!
Get to know our suggestions of landmarks to visit, activities to enjoy, local cuisine and other places of interest!

Typical July:
24º C
75º F
Typical January:
39º F

What to see

In the city there are many places worth a visit, from museums and monuments, fantastic examples of Portuguese architecture over the years to parks and gardens.

Coimbra University

Located on a hilltop overlooking the Mondego River is one of Europe’s oldest universities and is known for its beauty and extremely rich past.

Baroque Library

A Baroque masterpiece, built under the patronage of King John 5th. Besides a splendid combination of exotic materials, it is a true book safe.

Old Cathedral of Coimbra

One most important Romanesque buildings in the country. Built when Afonso Henriques declared himself King of Portugal and chose Coimbra as kingdom's capital.

'Portugal dos Pequenitos'

In english 'Portugal for the Little Ones', is a thematic park designed as a playful, educational and tourist space, to show aspects of culture and Portuguese heritage.

Monastery of Santa Clara

An example of portuguese Gothic architecture. It marks the place where Inês de Castro, the eternal and tragic lover of D. Pedro, was murdered for pursuing her love with the future King.


It's one of the largest complex of Roman ruins in the country and is a great place to have a vision of ancient times.

What to do

Make the most of this charming city and enjoy of your stay here as a local. See our suggestions of ‘things to do’!

Join in the University festivities

'Serenata' or 'Queima das fitas', usually held in July. Are two of the traditions of local students that is worth watching!

Listen Fado of Coimbra

Unlike the typical Fado you hear in Lisbon, its origin is closely linked to the academic traditions and is sung exclusively by men.

Attend local events

Exhibitions, shows, fairs, festivals ... Throughout the year there are events in the City on various topics!

Open-air activities

Tree climbing, canoeing, yoga, hiking, horseback riding or biking ... enjoy the fantastic surroundings promoted by the city green park and the Mondego river.

What to taste

Gastronomy in Coimbra is essentially based on delicious pastries, an influence that is due to the important monasteries.


Of a velvety texture and intense flavor, are one of the most appreciated specialties of the convent sweets.

Santa Clara's crayons

Originated from the convent with the same name, Santa Clara's crayons are made-up with egg yolks.

Rice pudding

Pudding very popular throughout the country based on rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon.


Roast beef in wine.

Places to visit near Coimbra

Exploring the surrounding areas of Coimbra always worth it, you will find wonderful places! In addition Coimbra is located in centre Portugal region, so you it can be reached easily from Lisbon and Oporto.

Get to know Coimbra

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