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Discover Braga

A city where the past, religion and natural beauty combine perfectly, Braga is a unique place in Portugal worth visiting. Come discover a city full of tradition and modernity and feel its beauty and the warmth of its fantastic people.
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Typical July:
23º C
73º F
Typical January:
13º C
55º F

What to see

Braga is a city known for its incomparably beautiful monuments. See what you can visit:

Bom Jesus do Monte

A 18th-19th century sanctuary, admired for its unique architecture, grandiose staircase and objects with symbolic meaning.


A 19th-20th century sanctuary admired for its breathtaking views where you can see out to the ocean, the Douro and Lima rivers and the mountains.

Braga Cathedral

The Portuguese expression ‘older than Braga’s cathedral’ has a meaning. This cathedral goes back to the 11th century and it’s admirable.

'Porta Nova'

Here there was one of the old city wall doors. It goes back to the 18th century and it’s a city icon.

What to do

Braga perfectly combines tradition and modernity. Know what you can do here:

Go to ‘A Brasileira’ Café

An iconic establishment in Braga and a mandatory place to stop for coffee and pastries.

Walk in the Saint Barbara Garden

Next to the old Episcopal Palace, this garden is an oasis of natural beauty.

Go to ‘Theatro Circo’

With 100 years of history, this hall is a reference in the artistic world and an incredibly beautiful place.

Participate in the Holy Week

Braga is famous nationwide for its Holy Week celebrations that impress those who visit during Easter.

What to taste

Braga has many delicious dishes to taste. See which ones:


Braga is known for its delicious codfish dishes, mostly ‘Bacalhau à Narcisa’.


A mash of several meats, pig’s blood and different seasonings, ‘sarrabulho’ is a very famous and well loved dish in Braga.


A Braga exclusive dish made with large puff pastry filled with beef and ham.

‘Abade de Priscos’ Pudding

A delicious pudding typical in Braga whose ingredients include egg yolks, sugar, Port wine and lard.

Places to visit near Braga

Northern Portugal has several other places of indescribable beauty that you should visit besides Braga. Get to know them:

Get to know Braga

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