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Get to know Viana do Castelo

Located in the North, Viana do Castelo is one of Portugal’s most beautiful and history filled cities.
Come discover Saint Luzia hill, the famous Sanctuary and the breathtaking views. Discover the city’s traditional religious festivities of ‘Romaria da Sra. da Agonia’, where the highlight is the typical costumes and the magnificent gold jewelry used by women during the celebrations.
Come visit Viana do Castelo!

Typical July:
22º C
72º F
Typical January:
13º C
55º F

What to see

Viana do Castelo is a city full of historic places to visit. Get to know which ones:

Sta. Luzia Sanctuary

The city’s most iconic monument, built in the 20th century. Use the elevator to go up the hill and admire the incredible views.

Gil Eanes Ship Museum

Visit this unique Portuguese monument. Built in 1955, it supported Portugal’s large cod fishing fleet.

‘Matriz’ Church

A mostly gothic temple from the 15th century. It’s recognized by the two imposing towers on the façade.

Costume Museum

An exhibition of Portugal’s typical costumes, particularly the local ‘traje à vianesa’, admired for its beauty.

Historic centre

One of the country’s most beautiful and well preserved historic centres. Highlights include Misericódia House, the Fountain and other buildings.

Sta. Luzia Fort

Discover the ruins of the ‘Old Town’, one of the most famous pre-historic fort in northern Portugal.

What to do

There is so much to do in Viana do Castelo! See what to do in this city:

‘Romaria da Sra. da Agonia’

The city’s traditional religious celebration, known for the beauty of the typical costumes and the gold jewelry used by women during the festivities.

Have fun in the river

The Lima River is a crucial part of Viana do Castelo’s identity. Here you can practice jet-ski, canoeing, rowing and others.

Enjoy the beach

Viana do Castelo’s beaches, besides being beautiful, are good places to practice surf, windsurf, kitesurf and others.

What to taste

Viana do Castelo’s typical gastronomy is delicious. Get to know the dishes and drinks you have to try:

Cod dishes

Because of its fishing history, cod is delicious in Viana do Castelo. Taste the region’s numerous cod dishes!

Viana half-moons

A typical pastry from this city with a tasty almond filling.

‘Torta de Viana’

A typical sweet from this region, made with eggs, sugar, flour and orange or lemon.

‘Vinho verde’

Minho region, where Viana do Castelo belongs, is known for ‘vinho verde’, particularly the ‘Alvarinho’ variety.

Places to visit near Viana do Castelo

Located in the North of Portugal, Viana is close to other amazing places. Get to know them:

Get to know Viana do Castelo

Visit Viana do Castelo with us

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