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Come explore Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima is considered the oldest village in Portugal and heiress a vast heritage, gardens, festivals, pilgrimages and an excellent gastronomy.
Come visit it with us!

Typical July:
30º C
86º F
Typical January:
10º C
50º F

What to see

Ponte de Lima’s historic heritage is admirable! Get to know what you should visit:

Chapel of the Guardian Angel

The Chapel of the Guardian Angel, also known as St. Michael's Standard, is a temple dating from the early 14th century, in Gothic-Roman style, and it's a must visit.

Main Church of Ponte de Lima

The Main Church of Ponte de Lima was built by King João I in 1425 and has had several interventions over the years preserving its Romanesque, Gothic and Neoclassical style.

Museum of Portuguese Toys

The Portuguese Toy Museum is entirely dedicated to the toys produced in Portugal and promises to enlist not only children but also adults. Relive your childhood and review the toys of yesteryear.

What to do

There are plenty activities to do in Ponte de Lima. See how you can enjoy your visit:

Walk in the historic center

Let yourself be missed by the charming streets of this charming village. Discover small corners, chapels, typical markets and let yourself be enveloped by the welcoming people of Ponte de Lima.

Cross the Medieval Bridge over the Lima River

Venture youself through what is the ex-libris of this charming village: the "Old Bridge" and get delight with the unique landscape over Ponte de Lima.

Stroll through the Ecovia do Lima

Choose one of the several routes and get in touch with nature. The tour can be done by foot or by bicycle.

What to taste

Ponte de Lima’s gastronomy will amaze you with its great dishes. Find out what to taste:

Rice of Sarrabulho of Ponte de Lima

For rice, add bay leaf, clove, nutmeg, salt and pepper to season the meats (pork, green chorizo and farinhotas).

Onion Cod

Typical dish of Ponte de Lima that consists of frying cod slices and sprinkling it with olive oil, coriander and bay leaf. To accompany it, lots of onions and chips.

Lamprey Rice

This recipe consists of a stew and the lamprey is accompanied or mixed with white rice.

Places to visit near Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima is a region located in the north of Portugal. This region is close to other destinations that you should include on your trip.
Get to know them:

Visit Ponte de Lima with us

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