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Discover Sagres

Must-see destination for its beaches, the immensity of its landscapes and its mild climate!
Enjoy the fantastic scenery of this village for open-air activities, visit its landscapes and taste the delicious typical dishes of the region!

Typical July:
26º C
79º F
Typical January:
13º C
55º F

What to see

Sagres is not just a beach destination, here you will find various points of interest. Get to know them.

Sagres 'Fortaleza'

National Monument. It dates to the 15th Century but was rebuilt during the 16th and 18th Centuries.

Cape St. Vincente

Most southwesterly point of Europe. It's the separation between 2 different coasts: the Atlantic with windswept and the Algarve with warm waters.

Cape St. Vincente Lighthouse

Considered one of the most powerful lighthouses in Europe. Nowadays it oversees one of the busiest trade routes in the World

Vila do Bispo

Algarve's village inserted in the Natural Park of Alentejo Southwest and 'Costa Vicentina'. Where the wild nature remains intact combined with a rich cultural heritage.

What to do

The Sagres village offers excellent conditions for a variety of activities! Check out our suggestions:

Water Sports

The excellent conditions of Sagres' beaches are ideal for the enthusiastic players of sports such as surfing, windsurfing, SUP...

Bird watching

From August to November, Sagres is the main meeting place for migratory birds where it is possible to observe all of the soaring birds’ species that exist in Portugal.

Fishing tourism

Here you'll find several entities prepared to lead you on a fishing trip in the traditional Algarve's way, where hand lines are used.

Cultural events

The cultural calendar of the Village is very dynamic with events always happening such as exhibitions and festivals regarding several areas of interest.

What to taste

Taste the local cuisine, where shells and barnacles are served very fresh and where fish and seafood are the main ingredients of most dishes!

Game dishes

From October to December, the hunting season, boar, partridge, quail, hare or wild rabbit are common dishes.

Fig with almonds

Shaped like stars, they are commonly prepared during the All Saints Day (November 1st) time.

Fish pasta

Dish of excellence! May be made with corvina or hake.


This stewed dish is one of the most enjoyed seafood in Sagres. It is usually served as an antipasto or as a late afternoon summer snack.

Places to visit near Sagres

Exploring the surrounding areas of Sagres is always worth it, you’ll find wonderful places! Get to know which:

Get to know Sagres

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