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Get to know Mérida

Named ‘Augusta Emerita’ and founded by the Emperor Octavius Augustus in 25 B.C. to be inhabited by veteran soldiers, Mérida’s history goes through the centuries. The current capital of ‘Extremadura’ was considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a fascinating place in Spain and visiting it will be unforgettable.
See our suggestions on what not to miss in this unique city:

Typical July:
35º C
95º F
Typical January:
13º C
55º F

What to see

With such a rich history, Mérida has several landmarks that you must know. See which ones:

Roman Theater and Amphitheater

During the Roman Empire buildings such as the Amphitheater and Theater were necessary to a prestigious city such as Mérida. These ruins are a city icon.

Roman Circus

One of the most impressive and best preserved Circus of the Roman Empire with a capacity of 30 000 people that demonstrates the importance that entertainment had for the Romans.

‘Los Milagros’ Aqueduct

This aqueduct was used to transport water from into the city. Its name (The Miracles Aqueduct) comes from the astonishment that people felt regarding the structure's great preservation.

Roman Bridge

Another symbol of Mérida, this bridge over the Guadiana River had a strategic importance for commerce and wars in the area.

Temple of Diana

Despite its name this was an imperial cult temple and its great state of preservation allows visitors to see extremely interesting elements.

Arab Citadel

This great fortress is the most ancient one in the Iberian Peninsula. Built in 835 during the Moorish occupation it had several important uses.

What to do

Mérida combines a rich history with a modern energy and there are plenty activities in the city. Know what you can do:

Visit the National Roman Art Museum

Dating back to the 16th century, it is a centre of Roman knowledge in Hispania.

Stroll around ‘Plaza de España’

Be sure to visit the important ‘Plaza de España’ and explore the beautiful riverside of the Guadiana River that goes through the city.

Attend the Classical Theater Festival

It's the most important in Spain and it happens in Mérida with countless events during July and August.

Take part in the Holy Week

Mérida’s Holy Week is a very interesting event with several processions of the different ‘hermandades’ and ‘cofradías’.

What to taste

In Mérida you can enjoy the tasty dishes of Spain’s ‘Extremadura’. Get to know what to taste:

River fishes

Make sure you try one of the many river fish dishes such as common carp, tench and trout.

Game meat

Try the local game such as rabbit.


Taste the ‘Extremadura’ version of this typical cold soup.

‘Ribera Del Guadiana’ Wine

Accompany the local dishes with the great ‘Ribera Del Guadiana’ wine.

Places to visit near Mérida

Mérida is close to other places that you must visit, whether in Portugal or Spain. Get to know them:

Get to know Mérida

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