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Visit Cáceres

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Not far from the border with Portugal, we find Cáceres. A place full of monuments and traces from a past full of events. The ‘Old Town’ was considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
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Typical July:
34º C
93º F
Typical January:
12º C
54º F

What to see
What to see

Cáceres has a lot of monuments to visit. Get to know which ones:

Old Town

World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It’s known for being very well preserved. It has Roman, Visigothic and other origins.

Estrella Arc

The Old Town’s traditional entry, built in the 18th century over a previous construction. It was the last door built in the walls.

Guadalupe Monastery

World Heritage by UNESCO. Built in the place where the Virgin Mary appeared to a shepherd. It’s known for its gothic and mudéjar styles.

Bujaco Tower

A square shaped tower of Arab origin that goes back to the 12th century. It was used by the Templars for defense purposes.

What to do
What to do

Find out how to enjoy your time in Cáceres. See what you can do:

Evening stroll

Cáceres is particularly beautiful during the night. Enjoy exploring this historic city by nightfall.

Cáceres Museum

Discover the city’s history, from Prehistoric to Roman, Arab and other traces.

Go to the Park

The ‘Parque del Príncipe’ is a central and pleasant place with a botanic garden and a Outdoors Sculptures Museum.

Discover the art

Visit the ‘Casa Pedrilla' History and Culture Museum and the Guayasamín House-Museum to find out more about the best local art.

What to taste
What to taste

Cáceres is the 2015 Spanish Capital of Gastronomy! Get to know what to taste:

‘Torta del Casar’

This cheese is a local delicacy, made out of sheep’s milk. A vegetal extract from a cardoon is added.

Iberian Ham

Cáceres is a great place to taste the delicious ‘jamón ibérico’. Enjoy this unique and exceptional ham.

Guadiana Wine

The ‘Vino de la Ribera del Guadiana’ can be enjoyed in Cáceres. Discover this great quality wine.


Cáceres is known for its cherry blossoms in ‘Valle del Jerte’. Observe the nature’s beauty and taste the fruits.

Places to visit near Cáceres
Places to visit near Cáceres

When you visit Cáceres, remember there are several other interesting places nearby, both in Spain and Portugal. Find out what to visit:

Get to know Cáceres

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