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Visit Trujillo

Trujillo is a delightful city, located in Spain’s ‘Extremadura’, near Cáceres. Come meet the wonderful buildings, the famous Plaza Mayor and learn about the city’s important colonial past.
Come with us to Trujillo!

Typical July:
35º C
95º F
Typical January:
12º C
54º F

What to see

In this city there are many places of interest. Know what to visit:

‘Plaza Mayor’

The heart of Trujillo. Filled with history and admirable buildings, its highlight is the statue of the great colonist Francisco Pizarro.

Pizarro Palace

Its building started in 1560. It was the home of the Francisco Pizarro family. It’s admired for its beauty.


Military building from Arab origins that dates to the 9th and 10th centuries. From here you can admire the vast Trujillo scenery.

Juan Pizarro de Orellana Palace

Built in 1541. Interestingly, the famous author of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes, was a guest here.

What to do

Here are some suggestions on what to do in Trujillo:

Have a drink in Plaza Mayor

Enjoy the drinks and delicacies available in the cafés and restaurant in the Plaza Mayor central square.

Visit Coria Museum

Located in a former convent, the museum is mostly related to the great feats achieved in the New World age.

Take a walk in Monfragüe

A National Park since 1979, its fauna and flora are rich and diverse. It’s particularly interesting for bird watching.

Experience the 'Chíviri'

A festivity of regional interest. It happens on Easter Sunday. People dress in typical outfits and there is music and dances.

What to taste

Taste Trujillo’s specialties and its great ‘Extremadura’ gastronomy. Check what to eat:

Lamb ‘caldereta’

A traditional lamb casserole of this region that originated from pasturing.


A traditional cold soup, popular in Trujillo. The ingredients include bread, almonds, garlic and others.


A bread based dish, very traditional in the Iberian gastronomy and very appreciated in Trujillo.

Asparagus soup

In Trujillo taste the excellent and tasty asparagus soups, very popular in the area.

Places to visit near Trujillo

With a privileged location in Spanish ‘Extremadura’, Trujillo is close to other Spanish and Portuguese cities you should visit. Get to know them!

Get to know Trujillo

Visit Trujillo with us

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