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Enjoy Setúbal

Close to Lisbon, Setúbal owes its beauty to the Atlantic Ocean, the Sado River and the mountains that shelter this city. With a strong fishing and agriculture past, it has established itself as a place for tourism and leisure.
Come meet this special city and discover what Setúbal has to offer you. Know our suggestions:

Typical July:
22º C
72º F
Typical January:
11º C
52º F

What to see

This city’s interesting historical journey is reflected in the places to visit while in Setúbal. Get to know them:

Arrábida Natural Park

Known for its verdant nature and imposing views of the Atlantic Ocean, this Parks offers its visitors a one of a kind experience.

Sado Estuary Natural Reserve

Known for its biodiversity, where the Sado River meets the sea, it is also the home to a bottlenose dolphin’s community.

São Filipe's Fort

Built in the 16th century during the Spanish occupation. Today it is used as a hotel - called a 'pousada'.

Palmela Castle

National Monument. It belonged to the Moors and was reconquered by D. Afonso Henriques. Nowadays it is a hotel, a 'Pousada'.

What to do

There are plenty of activities to choose from in Setúbal, especially if you like to be in touch with Nature. See what you can do:

See the dolphins

The bottlenose dolphin community that inhabits the Sado estuary can be seen in boat trips and it's a big local attraction.

Explore the vineyards

Setúbal is known for its wines and mostly for Setúbal's 'Moscatel'. You can observe and learn more about the vineyards in a local winery.

Go to 'Portinho da Arrábida'

A small and remote beach considered to be one of the country's most beautiful beaches. Great for diving and enjoying the crystal waters.

Have fun in Arrábida Natural Park

The perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty while you have fun hiking, caving, geocaching and others.

Visit Tróia

A long sandy peninsula, it is worth discovering its luxurious beaches. You can get there by car or by taking the ferry.

What to taste

Setúbal’s gastronomy is known for being very tasty and made out of the best and freshest ingredients, as well as for its drinks. Know what you must taste:

Fried Cuttlefish

A typical dish of Setúbal. The fresh cuttlefish from the Sado River is sliced in strips and deep-fried.

'Moscatel de Setúbal'

An emblematic wine of Setúbal Peninsula. Famous since the 12th century, it has been exported to England since 1381.

Grilled sardines

One of the 7 wonders of Portuguese gastronomy, Setúbal's grilled sardines are much appreciated.

Grilled goatfish

This grilled goatfish is a typical dish and a result of the abundant fresh fish in Setúbal.

'Tortas de Azeitão'

This sweet egg based pastries are a traditional Azeitão pastry and very enjoyed in Portugal.

Azeitão Cheese

Azeitão is known for its local cheese, made out of sheep's milk and very famous in Portugal.

Places to visit near Setúbal

Besides being nearby the capital, there are other places of interest close to Setúbal. Discover them:

Get to know Setúbal

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