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Visit Sesimbra

Initially a small fishing village, the beautiful mountains and the Atlantic Ocean made Sesimbra a tourism and leisure destination of excellence.
Come enjoy all the beauty and activities that Sesimbra has to offer!

Typical July:
22º C
72º F
Typical January:
11º C
52º F

What to see

While visiting Sesimbra there are several places you should visit. Know which ones:

Sesimbra Castle

National monument. Located on a hilltop, it was reconquered by D. Afonso Henriques in 1165 and its the birthing place of this village.

Espichel Cape

Known for its imposing view of the Atlantic Ocean, this cape is surronded by mysticism and religious legends.

Sesimbra's Port

One of the country's most important fishing ports. It has found a new calling as a place to practice nautical sports and other activities.

Santiago Fort

A 17th century military building that served as a summer residence for Kings and Princes. Today it is used as a tourism office, an exhibition place and for other cultural activities.

Our Lady of Arrábida Convent

Located on a hilltop, it was founded by an illigitimate child of King D. João II. Recognized for its beauty, it was the humble home of monks and hermites.

What to do

Sesimbra is particularly popular as a place for nautical sports. Know what you can do here:

Play nautical and aquatic sports

Have fun at Sesimbra's Port while diving, sailing, canoeing and others.

Go paragliding

Sesimbra's weather conditions are favorable for extreme sports like paragliding.

Experiment abseiling

Have an adrenaline rush in Sesimbra mountains.

Go fishing

Recreational fishing is a popular activity in Sesimbra.

What to taste

The sea’s essential role in Sesimbra is reflected on the village’s gastronomic specialities where fish is the main ingredient. Taste them!

'Caldeirada' Sesimbra style

Traditional fish stew dish done in the Sesimbra's style.

Fish Soup

Popular portuguese soup made with Sesimbra's fresh fish.

Octopus Rice

Very popular dish among portuguese people that you can enjoy in Sesimbra.


A Sesimbra traditional delicacy whose ingredients include grounded almonds, egg yolk and sugar.

Places to visit near Sesimbra

Sesimbra has a priviledged location, right next to Lisbon and other interesting places. Get to know which ones:

Get to know Sesimbra

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