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Get to know Covilhã

Covilhã is a wonderful city in the interior region of Portugal. It’s a gateway to mainland Portugal highest point – Serra da Estrela. Its history, monuments, museums and modern energy make this city a must see!
Join us and visit Covilhã!

Typical July:
35º C
95º F
Typical January:
41º F

What to see

Covilhã’s history filled past and modern energy result in plenty of places to visit. Check it here:

Cheese Museum

A modern place where you can follow a historic and gastronomic path regarding the traditional and famous Serra da Estrela cheese.

Misericórdia Church

Founded in 1641. It belongs to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia, an important charity foundation in Portugal.

Wool Museum

An essential visit in Covilhã that promotes the history and very important role that the textiles had in Portugal and in the city.

Santa Maria Church

It goes back to the 16th century and it’s mostly known for the admirable tiles that cover the church’s façade.

What to do

Enjoy what Covilhã has to offer you! Know what to do in this city:

Have fun in ‘Jardim do Lago’

Covilhã’s largest green area. Drop by the restaurant and bars as well as the water area and take a dip or hop on a boat.

Cross 'Carpinteira' Bridge

Inaugurated in 2009. An imposing and iconic construction of the city that you have to visit.

Relax in the Public Garden

Built in 1908. It’s the perfect place to end the afternoon, have a nice talk, read a book and admire nature.

Take Santo André Elevator

Inaugurated in 2009, this modern and transparent elevator allows you to overcome the steep hill and observe Covilhã’s beautiful scenery.

What to taste

Covilhã’s gastronomy has plenty of dishes to choose from. Know some of the dishes you should taste:

Covilhã Wine

The ‘Cova da Beira’ wine industry is quite ancient and admired for the wine’s quality. Make sure to try the red or white wines.

‘Queijo da Serra’

An iconic product in Portugal and in the region. Taste the magnificent ‘Queijo da Serra’, a result of the important pasturing activities in the region.


Make sure to try the delicious regional drinks like ‘ginjinha’, strawberry tree liqueur, pear liqueur and ‘Jeropiga’.

Fried parsnip

Although parsnip has existed for centuries, nowadays it isn’t very common. It prospers in cold climates and it’s popularly served as a starter.

'Papas de Carolo'

A corn based regional sweet, very popular in Covilhã.

Oven Roasted Kid

A typical dish in this region, very famous and popular. It's a common dish during festivities.

Places to visit near Covilhã

Covilhã has a privileged location and there are several other places you should visit in this region. Get to know them:

Get to know Covilhã

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