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Travel Trends of 2024

Embarking on a journey is no longer just about reaching a destination, it’s a dynamic exploration of evolving trends and diverse desires. In travel, where experiences continually shape our paths, Portugal Premium Tours is dedicated to embracing the ever-changing landscape. Our commitment is understanding and incorporating the latest trends related to this next year, 2024, and how does that redefines the traveler’s experience.

With this in mind, we gathered the various travel trends in 2024, a year we expect to be even better for tourism in Portugal.


Clients of Portugal Premium Tours doing a bread workshop

Deep and Meaningful Travel

As we know, travel is shifting to be more SOCIAL-led, emphasizing deeper human connections, cultural learning, and environmental and social impact. Hilton’s travel trends of 2024 highlight statistics showing a prioritization of experiences, exploring the unknown, trying local cuisine, and learning about local customs. Some North American specialists offer guided kayak tours, camping trips to see wildlife, and exploring lesser-traveled regions. We can also expect a significant increase in healthcare-type trips.


Monsanto, the filming place of House of the Dragon


Travel planning inspired by TV shows and movies is a growing travel trend for 2024. Here in Portugal we have various places that are locations for various filming settings.

001: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Lisboa, Estoril, Cascais and Sesimbra

Le Divan de Staline – Hotel Palace of Bussaco

House of the Dragon (tv show) – Monsanto and Penha Garcia

If Set-jetting is one of your travel preferences, you can expect an entire post on our blog about the places you must select for your vacation in Portugal.


Various travelers choose to travel to a country because of a concert

Tour Tourism

Many travelers are willing to attend concerts outside their hometown this next year. Additionally, various people mention that they would travel to a new place as an excuse to attend a concert and because tickets are cheaper elsewhere. We can see this a great travel trend increasing value in accommodation, local markets and various others.



Water-themed vacation trend for 2024

Water-themed Vacations

Portugal is becoming more recognized for its beautiful coastline and beaches. People are searching for more water-themed vacations and being near water will be a top priority for various travelers. It’s a new type of traveler, termed ‘water culturalists,’ emerging and focusing on understanding and protecting the seas they explore.


Less drinking is a trend for 2024

Dry Tripping

Various travelers mention that they will likely book detox trips next year. Travelers are interested in hotels offering easily accessible alcohol-free options like mocktails.


Different Accommodations with 'vibe' check-in

Vibe Check-in & Outside In

Hotel “vibe” is gaining importance, with most of travelers considering it a crucial factor. Reviews mentioning “vibe” have surged highly on searchs. Travelers seek stays that set the tone for their trip, from “retro” to “modern”. Half of travelers book vacation homes with outdoor amenities they can’t afford at home or want to try. This includes cold plunges, padel courts, roof terraces, and fire pits.


Celebrating occasions is a trend for 2024


Unique reasons for travel celebrations, like “Puppymoons” and “First-date-iversaries,” are on the rise. One-third of respondents plan more trips in 2024, and work-related occasions, such as celebrating retirement or promotions, are popular trip catalysts.


Bolinhos de Bacalhau - Food Trends of Portugal

Food-oriented Vacations

We expect that travelers will accommodate their trip plans around food and wine. This has been a crucial aspect of our tours, and we see that it’s emerging with eachpassing year.


AI and Travel

Of course, AI. The use of AI in travel, including tools like Carbon footprint trackers, is rising. We can also affirm that travel services are becoming more and more personalized with the help of AI, focusing on optimized bookings.


In conclusion, as the travel industry constantly evolves, our commitment at Portugal Premium Tours remains unwavering in staying attuned to these dynamic trends. We understand modern travelers’ evolving desires and preferences, acknowledging the importance of deep, meaningful experiences, incorporating cutting-edge AI solutions, and embracing the diverse facets of travel. Our focus is to consistently adapt and innovate, ensuring our offerings resonate with the ever-changing travel landscape.

We will continue to offer highly personalized tours while making local and authentic experiences our primary focus.

We will also make sure our clients will continue to find uniqueness, comfort, and security when booking with us. This 2024, our travelers will return home thinking they will always have a second one.

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