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Portuguese Gastronomy

The gastronomy of a country is for itself culture. To prove this, UNESCO has decided to include in the list of intangible heritage of humanity, typical food of several countries and from certain regions.
Portugal is included in the Mediterranean Diet known to be a healthy one that ensures longevity.
This classification is made according to several criteria; Its ‘taste’, art and rituals linked to harvesting and fishing, the way of cooking, the history regarding the recipes, the quality and diversity of the ingredients such as olive oil, vegetables, cheeses, fresh fish and cereals as well as sharing a meal that is a tradition in our country’s culture.
Portugal has it all and more!

We have the Cataplana used to cook typical Mediterranean recipes. It has become an icon of Portuguese gastronomy and you can find it in any restaurant menu by the sea. The Cataplana is a culinary utensil that consist in two concave pans, which prevents the loss of the aromas of the food thus guaranteeing all its flavors.

We have fresh fish and seafood.

We have Protected Designation of Origin meat from native breeds. Among many, the most popular one is the black pig. Being a free-range raised pig with a diet consisting exclusively of acorns, the meat is juicy and tastier than the regular pork meat. In the Alentejo region is quite appreciated and is in the menu of every restaurant.

We have olive oil, an essential product in our diet, which has gained its place in international markets.

We have cheese. Of all kinds of cheeses from the creamy to the driest ones, ‘Queijo da Serra’ is considered the best one. It is a creamy, matured cheese still made by hand in a traditional way in the ‘Serra da Estrela mountains’.

We have wine.

Portugal has a new generation of oenologists and producers with a different approach regarding the culture of Portuguese wines. We have unique and high-quality wines from north to south of the country but all the attention goes to the Port wine, a classic in the home of all the Portuguese. Its unique characteristics are due to the soil and climate of the oldest demarcated region in the world, classified by Unesco World Heritage site – the Douro Valley! Port Wine is a proof that the union of nature with man can create unparalleled products.

We have pastries which are made with ancient recipes discovered in monasteries and convents scattered throughout the country.

All recipes have in common ingredients such as sugar, eggs and almonds.
The most popular is the Pastel de Belém, a small custard tart backed by monks which are famous since the 19th century. Today, they are still being backed according to the original recipe in a pastry shop called the ‘Pastéis de Belém’.

Portugal Premium Tours have a new tour dedicated to Portuguese wine and gastronomy. In the Portuguese food and wine Tour you will be able to taste:
– a cup of coffee with a ‘Pastél de Belém’
– grilled fish seasoned with Portuguese olive oil and garlic
– a cold glass of Green wine
– seafood Cataplana near the sea
– the best portuguese sweets
– the famous Francesinha in Oporto
– roasted suckling pig and much more…

Portugal is waiting for you!

Portugal Premium Tours team

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