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Get to know Seville

To say that Seville has a rich history is not enough: the city saw the glory of the Roman Empire, the luxurious sophistication of Muslim culture and the reconquest of Spain by Fernando de Aragão and Isabel I de Castela.
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Typical July:
30º C
86º F
Typical January:
10º C
50º F

What to see

Seville’s historic heritage is admirable! Get to know what you should visit:

Santa Cruz district

Barrio Santa Cruz could not be more romantic. Enjoy the houses with white facades, narrow streets and charming courtyards that characterize the historic Jewish quarter of Seville.

House of Pilate

The House of Pilate is a blend of influences from the Italian Renaissance and Spanish Mudejar style with many tiled works and beautiful gardens.

Flamenco and Folklore

Seville, the stage of Spanish folklore, is the best place to witness a bullfight or a flamenco show.

Square of Spain

Located inside of Maria Luisa Park, this square passes a climate of tranquility, either by the boats that slide through the channels or by the live music.

Tower of Gold

This 13th century tower, besides being the Naval Museum of the city, it is one of the most emblematic and dear symbols of the city.

The cathedral and the Alcazar

The two central monuments of Seville, the cathedral and the Alcazar embody the fascinating intercultural past of the city

What to do

There are plenty activities to do in Seville. See how you can enjoy your visit:

Panoramic view of the city

Seville's panoramic provides incredible views to those who dare to face the numerous ramps that lead to the top of the tower.

Pedaling on the river Guadalquivir

Rent a bicycle on the banks of the Guadalquivir River and enjoy the beautiful views of the Torre de Oro and other monuments of the city.

Go for "tapas"

The only thing that Seville has more than churches are tapas bars, after all, they say that tapas were born in Seville.

Lose yourself in the streets

The neighborhood of Santa Cruz is a labyrinth of squares and narrow streets where getting lost is part of the experience.

Take a buggy ride

The walk last around an hour and can be a great way to get to know the historical parts of Seville.

What to taste

Seville’s gastronomy will amaze you with its great dishes. Find out what to taste:


It consists of a cream of vegetables and tomato, seasoned with garlic, peppers, olive oil and vinegar. To accompany, eat bread.

Baked Andaluz

It is the most requested specialty in Seville. As an entrance it's served a plate of the broth with grain and vegetables, and later, in another plate, the meat.

Bull Tail

These are bull tails that have been cooked in flour and fried in olive oil. It is served with onions, leek and carrots.

Fried Fish

It is one of the local specialties. They are fish slices floured and fried in olive oil.


Seville prepares the best dishes of snails. One of the best recipes is when they serve it spicy with a delicious sauce.

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