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Come explore Algarve

The mild climate throughout the year, the coastline with magnificent beaches and the diversity of accommodation, nightlife and sports make this place a perfect destination for anyone.
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Typical July:
30º C
86º F
Typical January:
10º C
50º F

What to see

Algarve’s historic heritage is admirable! Get to know what you should visit:

Ponta da Piedade

Located near the port city of Lagos, Ponta da Piedade is an exceptional natural site. It offers a breathtaking view over Cape St Vincent and has extravagant cliffs, consisting of arches and grottos.

Ria Formosa Natural Park

Opened since 1987, the park contains significant biodiversity and covers 60 km in length and over 18,000 hectares in total.

Castle of Silves

Built between the 8th and 10th centuries by the Moors, its particular architecture testifies to the presence of the Muslim people.

Roman Ruins of Cerro da Vila

Here you can see the ruins of an old village located in Vilamoura. In addition to the simple traces left by the Romans, it is a unique discovery of the lifestyle of this civilization in this part of the region.

Church of São Lourenço de Almancil

Built in the eighteenth century, in honor of St. Lawrence, this church is completely white in baroque lines and covered with a square tower, it is only once inside the church that we discover its secret.

Cape St. Vincente

Most southwesterly point of Europe. It's the separation between 2 different coasts: the Atlantic with windswept and the Algarve with warm waters.

Cape St. Vincente Lighthouse

Considered one of the most powerful lighthouses in Europe. Nowadays it oversees one of the busiest trade routes in the World

What to do

There are plenty activities to do in Algarve. See how you can enjoy your visit:

Sun and Beach

Some of the most beautiful and welcoming beaches in the world are in Algarve. Here there are beaches for all tastes, mostly recognized with the European seal of the "Blue Flag".

Sports and Adventure

Throughout the region there are excellent conditions so that, throughout the year, you can interact with the environment, through sports, in the healthy and intoxicating atmosphere of the Algarve.


Practice golf in the area’s excellent courses, enjoying the mild and sunny climate.

Night Life

Everywhere, terraces, discos, marinas, casinos, bars or restaurants exhibit bold environments capable of satisfying the most varied tastes.

What to taste

Algarve’s gastronomy will amaze you with its great dishes. Find out what to taste:


Corn popes with countless combinations like conquilles, clams, sardines, peas, shrimp.

Clams on the Cataplana

Clams cooked with potatoes and sliced onions, chorizo or other types of pork, peppers, tomatoes and herbs, such as coriander and parsley.

"Caldeirada à Algarvia"

Delicious stew of fish, clams and potatoes, cooked in a traditional stew of onions, tomatoes and peppers.

Almond Cakes

The almond tree is the protagonist in the Algarve bakery. You have 'Dom Rodrigo', the 'Moragado' and dried figs stuffed with almonds!

Places to visit near Algarve

Algarve is the southernmost region of mainland Portugal, bordering the Alentejo region to the north and the south with the Atlantic Ocean. This region is close to other destinations that you should include on your trip. Get to know them:

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