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Eloping in Portugal

Eloping in Portugal can be a romantic and unique experience, given the country’s beautiful landscapes, history, architecture, and vibrant culture. But you might be wondering what considerations you should take to make your elopement in Portugal possible. And, of course, what cities should you be searching for? Don’t worry, this article will cover it all for you.

First Steps for Eloping in Portugal

Firstly, we will talk about some steps and tips you should consider if you’re thinking about eloping in Portugal:

  • Legal Requirements:

    • Ensure you know the legal requirements for getting married in Portugal. Non-residents may face different regulations than residents. It’s advisable to contact the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate for the most up-to-date information.
  • Planning:

    • Decide whether you want a simple, intimate ceremony or a more elaborate celebration. Many wedding planners in Portugal specialize in destination weddings and elopements and can assist you in planning.
  • Capturing the moments:

    • Find a good photographer or, even better, a videographer to capture the beautiful moments of your elopement. Portugal’s landscapes and architecture provide a stunning backdrop for your photos and videos.
  • Local Cuisine:

    • Embrace Portugal’s gastronomy by including local dishes in your celebration. Even if it’s a more intimate dining experience, our local flavors can add magic to your elopement experience.
  • Weather Conditions:

    • Check the weather conditions for your chosen location and time of year. Portugal generally has a fantastic climate, but temperatures and precipitation can vary. The best months in terms of weather are between June and September. In these months, you have the longest days of the year and you can enjoy a beautiful summer wedding.
  • Legalizing the Marriage:

    • Ensure that you understand the process for legalizing your marriage in Portugal and recognize the marriage in your home country.

Remember to plan well in advance, especially when dealing with legal requirements, and consider working with local wedding planners who are experienced in arranging elopements for international couples.


Now, we will talk about what we are specialized in. The places, the accommodation, Portugal Premium Tours selected a variety of suggestions that can help you choose while eloping in Portugal. If you want to know more about the experiences of our clients in these locations, check our reviews here.


Perfect Locations

In regards to location, Portugal offers a variety of stunning locations for elopements. Each region has a unique charm that can’t be denied, but here are a couple of the best places we recommend:



Known for its romantic palaces, natural scenery, and mystical atmosphere, Sintra is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Pena Palace and the Moorish Castle are our number one choice for an elopement.

regaleira sintra



If you appreciate vineyards and river landscapes, the Douro Valley is an excellent choice. Exchange vows in a vineyard, overlooking terraced hillsides, or opt for a boat ceremony on the Douro River.

Douro Trip



Bussaco, in central Portugal, features a stunning forest and the picturesque Bussaco Palace Hotel. The forest offers a serene setting for an elopement ceremony surrounded by nature, while the historic palace provides a charming backdrop for intimate celebrations.



This medieval walled town is full of charm and character. Cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and the Castle of Óbidos provide a fairy-tale place for an intimate elopement.


Arrábida, Sesimbra or Comporta

For a more laid-back and rustic atmosphere, consider eloping in Arrábida or Comporta. This coastal area is known for its pristine beaches, rice fields, and a relaxed vibe. In this area, we highly suggest doing your elopement in a boat. Portugal Premium Tours has done a boat wedding before and it was one of the most amazing moments we have experienced with our clients.

Elopement in Spritz – Portugal Premium Tours

Elopement in Spritz – Portugal Premium Tours


As the birthplace of Portugal, Guimarães is rich in history and medieval architecture. The Guimarães Castle and the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza provide regal settings for elopements.

Ducal Palace Guimarães



This charming hilltop village with cobblestone streets and medieval architecture is in the Alentejo region. Monsaraz offers panoramic views of the surrounding plains and Alqueva Lake. You can see the stars so well at night, and you will think they may be shining for you and your significant other.


Gerês National Park

One of the best places to elope in Portugal if you love nature is the Peneda Gêres National Park. You could spend days here with hiking trails, waterfalls, swimming holes, and stunning places to kayak! If you want to tie the knot somewhere private and serene, this is the place for you.


Regarding the accommodation, that might be the most difficult decision regarding eloping in Portugal. Whether you prefer a charming boutique hotel, a historic palace, or a beachside resort, Portugal offers so many options that suit different preferences and budgets.

Here are some examples:


At the end of your elopement, you might consider and take the opportunity to explore the local culture and attractions. Portugal has a rich history, beautiful architecture, and scenic landscapes. Portugal Premium Tours can help you book a pre-honeymoon or actual honeymoon where you are completely stress-free and just enjoying your time. We can do any type of program you like, but we specialize in our regime of guide/driver that accompany always throughout your days. They are very knowledgeable guides ready to escort you everywhere, even inside most monuments. They are very familiar with your needs and interests for all of your days here with us. Also, our back office team is ON and ready 24/7 for anything that you might need throughout your trip.

We are waiting to see the newly-weds booking with us and we can’t wait to make your experience in Portugal even more memorable. Click here to design your tour and we will respond promptly.

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