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The 3 Best Portuguese Destinations to Visit in 2016

Start planning your next vacations now and prepare your travel to Portugal! Find out our top 3 best destinations that you must visit in Portugal in 2016. Which one will be the winner?

03 lisbon

Portugal’s capital, a cosmopolite city full of surprises, will always stay in your memory. Find out why more and more people are falling in love with Lisbon and see with your own eyes how fantastic this city is. Take advantage of our private tours in Lisbon and come live the city of the 7 hills with its sightseeing points and the beautiful Tagus River. Experience the unique atmosphere of the Fado houses and the magic in this genre of music.

Discover the history of the Jerónimos Monastery and Belém Tower and admire the castle that gazes down upon the city from its walls. Wander the luxury shops in Liberdade Avenue. Stop at Ribeira das Naus, an area with lots of terraces and open space, next to Terreiro do Paço and right in front of the Tagus River. Live the energetic days and nights in the inviting ambience of this place.

Get to know the history of the 1755 earthquake that shaped the city forever. Observe the modernly designed streets and avenues and visit the places that are still testimonies of this earthquake’s devastating effects, like Convent of Carmo and São Domingos Church.

Learn more about the city’s Jewish past, the persecution that this people was put under and the stories of their conversion to the Christian Faith, while secretly maintaining their Jewish beliefs. Have fun in Nations Park, a charming space in front of the Tagus River, known for its cable car, the oceanarium and the country’s largest arena, all of this a result of the iconic Expo ’98 that took place here.

castelo palacio pena sintra private tours portugal

At about half an hour, discover Sintra, a fairytale like place with its mansions, the colorful Pena Palace, the Moor’s Castle, the verdant flora and the delicious tarts and ‘travesseiros’. When returning to Lisbon, pass by the Marginal, admire the power of the waves in Roca Cape and visit the small towns like Cascais and Estoril. The perfect destination for the romantics and the dreamers.

02 tomar

One of the country’s most unique cities, Tomar is a hidden treasure of Portugal. People enamored with traveling, the Middle Ages and the Knights Templar, will love to discover this city’s distinctive history and energy. A city in the Centre region of Portugal that not everyone visits, the history lovers will know that this is a must go to place. The Convent of Christ and the Tomar Templar Castle transport us back into a mystical time. Discover this Order that although it was abolished in the 14th century, it was followed in Portugal by the Order of Christ.

tomar convento cristo castelo templario

Visit the Roman ruins and Tomar’s historic centre, a place of historic interest with beautiful churches and several monuments that testify the past of the city’s Jewish communities. Tomar’s synagogue is a very important national monument that is worthy visiting. This is the perfect place for those who love history and the legends of the past.

Tomar’s privileged location also allows you to visit other nearby cities like Coimbra, the student’s city, Santarém, known for the Santíssimo Milagre Church or Fátima, an international hub of the Catholic Faith.

01 geres

And the winner is Gerês, Portugal’s most amazing natural region. Add it to your list of places to visit because it will surely be a memorable experience! The country’s only National Park is located in the Northern region and is the ideal place for your 2016 vacations.

Get ready to discover Portugal and have fun in Gerês. Make sure to dive in the clear waterfalls, admire the glacier landscape, go hiking or if you’re more adventurous, run in the trails and the unexpected places. Learn the history behind the village submersed by the dam and admire the fauna like the wild horses, goats and cows that live freely in this region, using the same paths and making the visitors stop so they can follow their journey.

parque nacional peneda gerês

Get to know the important Roman Geira Road and take advantage of the activities and outdoors sports, discovering the area with horseback rides and having fun while canoeing, playing paintball, rock climbing, birdwatching and so much more. Gerês warm and gleaming sunset will surely be one of the best memories from your 2016 vacations. And after visiting this region, travel to other nearby places like Oporto, the Douro Valley and Braga.

In Portugal you can visit all this destinations and many others in a short time, given the geographical proximity and the great access to all the regions. You will rapidly get to your next destination, certain that wherever you’re going, you’ll be welcomed by a friendly people and enjoy the excellent quality accommodation and the wonderful gastronomy.

We invite you to visit this three highlighted regions as well as many other wonderful places and discover Portugal during the next year, making sure that you can count on the excellent quality of our private tours services.

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