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Enjoy Nazaré

Nazaré is a small village in the West Coast, known for the beautiful beach and fishing background. A place where tradition remains, it’s common to find women in their traditional outfits selling dried fish in the ‘Marginal’. Nowadays it is popular among surfers for its record breaking giant waves. It is a must see place in Portugal.
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Typical July:
23º C
73º F
Typical January:
46º F

What to see

Nazaré has many interesting places to visit. See which ones:

‘Sítio da Nazaré’

A cliff known for the amazing view of the city and the sea. Here you should visit the ‘Ermida da Memória’ related to the Legend of Nazaré.

Our Lady of Nazaré Sanctuary

With beautifully decorated gilded interiors where a mystical image of Virgin Mary is worshiped.

Praia do Norte Fort

The former São Miguel Fort, built for protection, now serves as a lighthouse. From here you can watch the Praia do Norte giant waves.

Dr. Joaquim Manso Museum

An ethnographic museum dedicated to promoting the several interesting aspects of the culture of Nazaré.

What to do

There are several ways to have fun while visiting Nazaré. See what you can do here:

Go for a swim

Take advantage of this fantastic beach for a refreshing swim in the Atlantic Ocean. It is also a great place to learn how to surf.

Take a walk in the ‘Marginal’

Full with little shops, women selling dried fish and restaurants, it is the perfect place for a late afternoon walk.

Get on the Funicular

A great way to overcome the steep hills and a city icon that you can’t miss out.

Go to the Harbor

See the city’s boats in this harbor built to improve the fishermen arduous life.

What to taste

Nazaré’s gastronomy is as typical and tasty as the city is beautiful and lively. Get to know what to taste:

Dried fish

This ancient food preservation technique is now a much appreciated delicacy by the people who visit Nazaré. It is sold in the ‘Marginal’.

‘Caldeirada’ Nazaré style

The traditional ‘caldeirada’ done as the Nazaré style with local fish.

Fish pasta

A traditional fish pasta dish, usually cooked with European seabass or sea bream.

Grilled fresh fish

The ideal place to enjoy a very tasty grilled fresh fish like sardines, mackerel, gilthead bream, seabass and others.

Places to visit near Nazaré

In the heart of the West Coast, Nazaré is one of the several amazing places to visit in the area. See what you can’t miss:

Get to know Nazaré

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