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7 of the Best Portuguese Ocean Views

Everyone loves amazing views, and Portugal offers a variety of viewpoints and landscapes where we can enjoy the beautiful scenery that the country has. Today we give you a list of 7 sights by the ocean not to be missed:

1. Sagres Point
Located in the south of Portugal, Sagres is a gateway to the world. For a long time has played an important role in Portuguese history and here the Portuguese began some of their travels to conquer the world. Sagres Point is thus part of the era of the Portuguese Discoveries, pointing to the wild horizon.

Ponta de Sagres

2. Sardão Cape
Wandering through Vicentine Coast you will get to Odemira and only a few miles from there you will find a quiet and peaceful viewpoint, near the lighthouse and looking into the stunning Atlantic Ocean.

Cabo Sardão

3. Mondego Cape
Recognized and classified worldwide as a Natural Monument, Mondego Cape is located western of Figueira da Foz, center of Portugal. It has a high scientific value and its 40 meters high, above the numerous cliffs, and into the impressive ocean.

Cabo Mondego

4. Paimogo Fortress
Built during the period of the Restoration of the Portuguese Independence, it was an important place for the defense line of the country, being part of the second line of defense for the Tagus river, and for the Portuguese capital as well. As a Portuguese heritage sight, it also offers a beautiful view by the sea.

Forte de Paimogo

5. Roca Cape
Most famous for being the westernmost point of mainland Europe, Roca Cape is also a natural viewpoint looking out into an immense ocean. A milestone marks the exact location of the westernmost point, celebrating also the beauty of the landscape, which looks not only into the sea, but offers a panoramic view of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

Cabo da Roca

6. São João Baptista Fortress
Located in a very small archipelago named Berlengas, off the coast of Peniche, the main island, Berlenga Grande, can be visited, but has no permanent inhabitants. The island was for centuries a strategic place for armies during war, and the fortress was built to help the troupes while on the island. Nowadays, the fortress is a shelter house, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the fishing village of Peniche. If you ever happen to visit this small paradise, be sure to take it all in.

Forte de S.João Baptista

7. Queijo Castle
Pounded by the ocean, the Queijo Castle, or Cheese Castle in english, is also known as São Francisco Xavier Fortress. It is located near Oporto and it was built, as many others in Portugal, to help the Portuguese army during of the Restoration of the Portuguese Independence. The funny nickname is due for having been built on top of a rounded rock, similar to a cheese. Be sure to not only dazzle into the sea, but to enjoy the beautiful natural features of the place.

Castelo do Queijo

Portugal offers countless amazing landscapes and beautiful scenarios, so if you’re eager to discover some of them you can sign our newsletter and get all the information you need to plan your trip!

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